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Blinds & Shade Film Blinds


Shade Film Blinds - optimum protection against heat and glare.

Always looking to satisfy its clients' needs, Knightly window films Ltd is offering the next generation in blind technology, incorporating the use of solar film in order to benefit from its exceptional capacity to control solar radiation. The shade film blinds are composed of a super-fine metal layer, sandwiched between two polyester sheets. 
This configuration ensures:
  • exceptional all-season thermal protection
  • a reduction of up to 92% of infrared solar radiation, principal cause of heat gain(Cobalt model)
  • significant savings in air conditioning costs
  • a reduction in daylight glare of up to 97%, ideally suited for use in computer rooms
  • improved diffusion of light throughout a room
  • the almost complete filtering out of UV rays that cause fading of materials exposed to light
  • dual reflective properties for 'one way mirror’ privacy
  • winter fuel and energy savings thanks to efficient thermal insulation properties
  • that costs of the initial investment are rapidly offset
  • most important of all, that our clients remain satisfied for years to come...
All of our shade film blinds benefit from an embossed structure, conferring not only additional strength and durability to withstand frequent manipulation, but also a distinctive and contemporary design.

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