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Coverstyl vinyl film

With Coverstyl vinyl film it has never been easier to carry out a renovation project. Breathe new life into your furniture and interior surfaces thanks to Cover styl vinyl film a highly cost-effective and low-maintenance  covering, that is both quick and easy to apply, offering additional benefits such as resistance to UV rays and fire. With over 500 designs there really is something for everyone.

AESTHETICALLY PLEASING:    Truly unrivalled realism, creating seamlessly and convincingly the visual and tactile properties of natural materials.

CERTIFIED ANTI BACTERIAL:  Ideal for installation in public places.

QUICK INSTALLATION:      Easy, effortless and ultra fast installation process.

COST EFFECTIVE:  Up to 50% savings, compared to the use of classic refurbishment techniques for the same result.

HARD WEARING: 10 year guarantee against scaling, crackling, yellowing and other changes in appearance.

HYGIENIC: Quick and easy material to maintain, its external surface's remarkable qualities facilitate cleaning, prevent marking and impede mould growth.

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